Part II: All In The Family – Tips For A Multi-generational Family Holiday


In Part I of our article on taking a multi-generational holiday with the extended family, we explored some of the possible holiday ideas that you can consider. 
From discovering your family’s heritage to kicking back and spending quality time together at an all-inclusive resort, the trip gets easier to plan after you have decided on the type of holiday the family is looking for.
Now that you have a general idea of the different types of holidays available, here are some tips to make that trip more enjoyable!

1. Choose the right accommodation

Staying in hotels can be expensive when you are travelling in big groups. Unless you have access to great hotel deals, consider booking villas or vacation homes that are large enough to accommodate the whole family as a more cost-effective alternative. Staying under one roof also means more family time together!
However, this might not be the case for all family types. Families with babies or young children may prefer to opt for separate apartments to keep the crying babies away from the rest of the adults.
Don’t forget about the seniors in the family, too. For example, staying at a ryokan – a traditional Japanese-style inn where you will need to sleep on futon mattresses, may not be the best option for the slightly older members of the family who have mobility issues. 
Be considerate and think of the different needs before deciding on an accommodation option!

2. Allocate some “me time” for everyone

No matter how close you are with your family members, it’s safe to assume that everyone does not want to spend every minute together. Some may want to relax on the deck with a book, or rest in the hotel room till noon, and that’s OK. 
Finding a coffee shop to people-watch or going for a walk to explore the destination by yourself is a great way to get some “me” time.
Set a time each day when everyone can rejoin the group and enjoy family time. If you want to be extra cautious, get a data roaming plan from your mobile carrier or carry around a mobile WiFi device from Challenger to stay connected to your family members while you’re separated. 

3. Be flexible

Chances are, not everything will go according to plan. Stay flexible throughout the trip and have a plan B. Be prepared for someone to fall sick, forget an item or two, or even walk slower than the rest of the group!
Remember, do not stress out if everyone feels like doing something different or one family member wants to opt out of an activity. You may have planned to visit a historical site today, but the rest may want to skip it and stay in the hotel till noon. Be flexible about changes to the plans and adapt your itinerary of activities accordingly for the whole family to enjoy. 

4. Discuss the vacation budget

Be realistic about what you can afford. Before you go, discuss with your family openly about the vacation budget. There are many ways to have a vacation without breaking the bank and still have a great time.

Plan your adventure today!


On top of these four tips, keep in mind that with some patience, humor, and teamwork, multi-generational family travels can be rewarding and fun. 

Bringing in the experts

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Besides just planning customised tours for you and the family, WTS Travel also helps travellers with their visa application and insurance, leaving you to focus only on the fun part – where to go and what to do!
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