Fun-tastic Enrichment Classes for Your Child

Unleash your child’s untapped talents, creative potential and accelerate their cognitive development!
Getting your child into enrichment classes such as art, martial arts, dance or music naturally boosts their mental, emotional, social and physical development in many unexpected ways. Enrichment classes provide a new way of learning for kids that inspires enthusiasm, engagement and empowerment. This is because they offer a distinctively different experience from classroom-style learning.
Kids also gain important life skills from these new experiences, most of which cannot be picked up from burying their noses in books. You see, exposing your child to music, art or sport is essential for brain development, especially from an early age.
These experiences encourage personal growth, teach them how to overcome challenges, and even build character. Children also develop social skills and independent-thinking along the way, while their cognitive, gross motor, language and creativity skills are rapidly enhanced. Unlike tuition classes which aim to improve a child’s academic performance, enrichment classes are designed to boost a lifelong passion for learning through fun and interactive adventures. 
Ready to discover what amazing talents your little ones have been hiding? Start their journey with these meaningful enrichment classes!

Change the world with imagination

Whether it’s manipulating a paintbrush or sketching comics, art is one of the fundamental things
that makes us human.
(Image credit: Global Art Singapore)
The benefits: The ability to turn imagination into reality has been the main driver of human progress. How else are inventions created? Art requires us to use both our creative thinking and analytical skills, inspiring new ways of thinking! In other words, art can help improve your child’s ability to solve problems and think outside the box.
Beyond these cognitive benefits, art classes can cultivate useful life skills in your child. Art is an important form of communication. When we draw a picture, we express our views, emotions and the way we see the world — most of which we are not able to express verbally. Thus, learning the skill of self-expression, through new and meaningful ways, is invaluable for your child’s emotional and social well-being.  
The best thing about art, though? The fact that it has no right or wrong, no single answer and no rules. This inspires children to play, experiment, and cultivate a joy for exploration, free-thinking and discovery. It might be their way of falling in love with learning! 
Our pick: Global Art Singapore provides art training with a systematic approach, and aims to nurture innovative minds. Suitable for kids ages 3 to 16, their fun programs range from visual art, handicraft and acrylic painting, to cartoon and comic drawing and G-Clay sculpting. 
Each program is designed to expand imagination, creativity and intellect, and provides a strong foundation in drawing, including lines and basic shapes, perspectives, painting, shading and more. All the while, students are encouraged to bring as much of their own personality into their work as possible.

What to look out for: Unlike traditional art classes which usually require students to copy a picture or draw an object, Global Art Singapore encourages a child’s creative process with a unique method. Students practice creative thinking in every lesson with unique learning formats such as story-telling, and the training in the choice of colours and elements. So beyond learning art techniques, students develop into more independent thinkers. 
Bonus marks: At Global Art Singapore, classes have only six to eight students to ensure your child gets plenty of personal attention. Plus, their caring and patient teachers are all certified and regularly attend intensive upgrading courses. You can now look forward to your kids entering International Art Competitions and bringing home amazing pieces of art!

Global Art is located at Anchorpoint, Bedok Point and Eastpoint Mall

Listen to the sound of learning

Did you know that picking up music as a hobby could boost your child’s performance in school?
(Image credit: Wolfgang Violin Studio)
The benefits: Learning to play a musical instrument has been found to improve memory and attention span. Musical training enhances a child’s brain development and improves cognitive functioning such as reading skills, language processing, speech and more! It also heightens their sensory functions such as sight, hearing and touch. 
Even for teenagers and young adults, playing an instrument like the violin can be a much-needed creative outlet to express bottled-up feelings and emotions, providing an escape from peer pressure and teenage angst. It even brings physical benefits such as enhanced motor skills, upper body strength and good posture.
Our pick: If you’re looking for a premier school to get your kids started in music, try Wolfgang Violin Studio. A boutique music academy that specialises in violin lessons, it is led by Programme Director and internationally acclaimed violinist Min Lee. A violin child prodigy with a Masters in Music from Yale University, your kids get to tap into her experience as a professional musician and performer. You might just be cultivating your own little maestro here!
What to look out for: The lessons at Wolfgang Violin Studio are designed to build a strong technical foundation and musicality from young. This academy not only designs original and customised programs, they provide parents end of term reports to keep track of your child’s progress. On top of that, they encourage students to take exams and perform in both in-house and annual concerts to maximise their potential. Most importantly, the classes are always fun, lively and effective for ultimate enjoyment and learning! 
Get your kid started as young as 2.9 months by enrolling them in “Pre-Twinkle”, the school’s sequential curriculum for little ones. This is where you can maximise your child’s musical impulses such as listening, singing, echo clapping and more. They will also be introduced to the violin in this parent-accompanied class. 
On the other hand, if your child is six years or older, enrol them in the “Prelude” progressive course — a Wolfgang Violin Studio’s signature course. Students will go through a structured and progressive 10-week course which primes them for international violin exams. The curriculum here is highly curated to include fun finger gymnastics, the learning of scales, as well as playing folk and classical tunes. 
Bonus marks: If your child showcases passion and natural talent for the violin, they could try out for the academy’s exclusive “Trailblazers” programme. If selected, your little one will experience personal tutelage by Min Lee herself, and be groomed as a child prodigy, along with concerts and competitions to let them showcase their fullest potential. Of course, the love of music doesn’t end with the violin. Encourage your child to join the school’s cello, viola and piano lessons and broaden their skillset as a musician!
Wolfgang Violin Studio is located at The Centrepoint

Flow with creative motion

Has your little one always longed to wear a frilly tutu and a pair of lovely satin shoes?
If so, you might like to consider ballet as an enrichment option for her.
The benefits: If you want your kids to grow up poised, confident and elegant all at the same time, there’s no better way than enrolling them in a dance class or two! Dance helps to build character, instilling important values such as patience and dedication. 
Through the mastering of new movements, young dancers develop self-discipline, self-confidence and control, while physically, they develop good posture and grace in the way they carry themselves. This is on top of the obvious physical benefits such as enhanced coordination, balance, strength, stamina, flexibility and more.

Our pick: At The Ballet & Music Company, your child can choose from more than one dance style such as jazz, street jazz, hip hop, social dance, latin dance, and of course an international standard of ballet. Classes range from pre-primary levels to grade lessons. 
The best thing about this studio is not just their focus on teaching body placement and coordination through music, but providing children a momentary escape from the stress of school and homework. At the same time, because their classes require intense physical work, your child will come out mentally and physically stronger.

What to look out for: The Ballet & Music Company is a top of the class dance school in every way. To start, your child will be assessed based on age, experience and natural abilities, and placed into the appropriate class. If your child’s interest lies in ballet, this studio administers the official UK Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, as well as international certification and exams. 
It’s all about tapping into every child’s full dance potential. The school gives kids aged 2.5 years and above plenty of opportunities to showcase their abilities. The teachers encourage their students to take part in recitals, charity, open house performances, and even masterclasses. So, look forward to the semi-annual open house where you can watch your kids express themselves in the most awe-inspiring ways, while being an absolute star! 

Bonus marks: You’ll be pleased to know that your child will be in good hands, as the instructors at The Ballet & Music Company carry degrees or diplomas in dance and/or music, and have extensive performance and/or examination board-based experience. In fact, most of their teachers started as professional performers themselves! 
The Ballet & Music Company is located at Eastpoint Mall

Unleash the fighting spirit


Besides learning how to defend oneself, picking up martial arts teaches children
how to gain mastery of both body and mind.
The benefits: To quote Bruce Lee, “the progression of anything begins in the mind.” In this day and age where kids are constantly bombarded by distractions, martial arts classes provide a distraction-free zone where they can practice focus and mental discipline. Specifically in Taekwondo, classes include meditation that develops a child’s concentration during practice. 
One of the first things your child will learn from Taekwondo is respect. Students are taught to respect not just their instructor, but also their fellow classmates and themselves. Because losing during sparring events is a natural and essential part of every trainee’s journey, children also learn the important life lesson that failure is as important as winning, in class and beyond. 
Our pick: The highly recommended Global Taekwondo Academy is the perfect way to get your child started on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. The academy focuses on both mental and physical discipline through practice. To master this art form’s challenging and highly precise moves, it takes dedication, self-discipline and self-control. 
The academy’s training sessions include recalling and practicing a range of moves. This requires sharp focus and concentration. Through this training style, students not only become stronger, they also gain more self-confidence.
This may be surprising, but their courses also emphasise the art of breathing. Whether a child moves on to become a successful athlete, singer or even lawyer or doctor, the right breathing technique is key to mental clarity, success, longevity and optimal performance.
What to look out for: Global Taekwondo Academy has a highly inclusive range of courses for all ages, including Super Junior Taekwondo for three- to five-year-olds, where they are trained in basic Taekwondo techniques. They also have courses for teens and adults, as well as an Elite Competition Team open to all ages. As part of the elite team, your child will get to participate in regional to international tournaments.
Bonus marks: The coaches at this academy have over 20 years of experience. To name a few, Coach Jan Vincent is a World Taekwondo Champion and Asian Champion specialising in all aspects of Taekwondo, Coach Sandy is a Taekwondo Sparring Champion with an impressive gymnastics skill set including 540-degree spinning kicks, while Coach Ernesto specialises in training national and international athletes. That’s not all, these instructors regularly attend child development courses, and are known to be great with kids!

Global Taekwondo Academy is located at Eastpoint Mall.
Not sure where to start as a parent? It’s important to let your kiddo pick an activity that sparks their interest, bolsters their confidence, and taps into their natural talents. From there, go for smaller class settings where teachers have the opportunity to better understand your child’s needs and strengths. Last but not least, you’ll know if your child is benefiting from enrichment when they seem happier, look forward to the class, and start showing off newly acquired skills! 
As the famous quote by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. goes, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”