12 Must-Haves to Upgrade Your Work-From-Home Experience


In light of the recently heightened Phase 2 restrictions, many have now defaulted to working from home once more. Readjusting back to a working environment that includes the kids asking for attention, or renovation works in a neighbouring unit, can be challenging for focus and productivity.

Yet, this could also be a second chance to do things better, and a great opportunity to enhance your level of efficiency, comfort, creativity and concentration. All you need are a few simple additions for you to improve your work-from-home experience!

Check out these must-haves to keep your workspace more organised, boost productivity with the right tech, enhance your comfort and find your focus.

Keep your desk organised


If you notice yourself getting distracted more often than you’d like, it might be time to declutter your work environment. Many studies have shown that working in an organised environment improves your ability to focus, thus making you more productive.

So, start by tidying your stationery and loose items by throwing out unwanted items and grouping the rest into categories. An Office Storage Box from Sweet Home is the ideal solution as it comes with multiple compartments, and a set of tiered drawers to hide notepads, loose papers and rarely used items!

Next, free up space on your desk by elevating your laptop with a Foldable Universal Laptop Stand from Gadget Mix. This nifty gadget can do wonders for both organisation and ergonomic comfort. Not only can you hide wires underneath the stand, you can also adjust its height based on your needs which will help improve your posture. Lastly, you won’t have to worry about the laptop overheating as the stand naturally creates more space for ventilation. When you’re done using it, the Laptop Stand can fold to half its size, and even comes with a bag for easy storage.

Finally, ditch the wires and eliminate mess with the Mophie Charge Stream Universal Wireless Desk Stand from The Digital Gadgets. This charge stream desk stand holds your Qi-enabled smartphone at an ideal angle for checking messages while you work, and takes up minimal space on the desk. Delivering up to 10W of fast-charging wireless power and optimised for Apple and Samsung Fast Charge, just place your phone in the desk stand and power up!


Boost productivity with the right tech


The last thing you need during a virtual conference is your sound giving up on you, or background noises interrupting your meeting. That’s why it’s essential to invest in a reliable pair of Sony WH-CH710N Headphones from Lifexp.

Enjoy its noise cancellation feature that adjusts to your environment using Dual Noise Sensor Technology, plus premium sound quality with its 30mm driver unit that helps you to hear everything in crisper detail. If your meetings run long, the 35-hour battery life and quick charging function will make your life all the more stress-free. Lastly, enjoy hands-free calls and voice assistance on-the-go as this gadget is bluetooth and smartphone compatible.

Boost internet speed, get rid of Wi-Fi dead spots and enjoy next generation Wi-Fi security standards with the Mi ALoT Router AX 1800 from Xiaomi. With its five-core processor, four-way independent signal booster and built-in gaming accelerator, you get high-speed Wi-Fi 6, wider signal coverage plus smoother internet access for multiple users. This means that even if your wife and kids are video streaming, gaming, downloading data or online chatting at the same time, you can still enjoy high-speed internet connection. What’s more, its impressive 256MB of memory guarantees a stable connection and high data transfer rates on every device in your house.

If your noisy aircon or fan has been cramping your presentation style, you can finally experience quiet, cool tranquillity with the Mistral Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier from Mayer. With everyone back in the house during the day, it can get both stuffy and noisy. The good news is this sleek blade-free fan has the ability to deliver wind and create air flow throughout the house without a sound. In fact, the fan’s oscillation angle can be adjusted to deliver air flow to a single person, multiple people or the entire room. It’s also designed with a HEPA filter to trap pollutants and harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and more for a healthier environment!


Feel good while you work


The best thing about working from home is that you can equip your desk space with just about any gadget that can help you feel better.

Replace your chair backrest pillow with a G-Resto X Portable Massage Cushion from Gintell and enjoy a back massage while you work! Designed with 14 shiatsu massage balls, this massager mimics the feeling of getting massaged by seven masseuses at the same time. It also has a heated red light function which is effective for relieving stiff muscles, detoxifying the body, and promoting blood circulation. If you tend to get achy feet, try the G-Beetle EZ Foot Massager from Gintell instead. It includes a 3D guasha and shiatsu massage, heating function, three levels of air pressure intensities and more, to help you relax and soothe aching muscles.

As for your eyes, protect them from the harmful effects of prolonged screen time by wearing Blue Light Glasses from Owndays. Compared to normal lenses, OWNDAYS PC lenses block up to 25 per cent of blue light from reaching your peepers. This can help reduce common symptoms such as eye fatigue, eye strain, neck pain and headaches. Made from highly durable and flexible materials, these frames are super lightweight and stylish. They even come with adjustable rubber tips to ensure a customisable fit and perfect grip, ideal for prolonged daily use and first-time users!


Bring zen to your workday


If you’re looking to maintain a sense of mindfulness and peacefulness while you’re on the clock, consider taking regular breathing and movement breaks every 60 to 90 minutes, this will help you refocus and reorganise your thoughts.

You can also include aromatherapy while you work as it has been shown to provide stress and anxiety relief. Try using the Nebuliser Diffuser from Purity Haven and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to create a calming environment. Unlike normal diffusers, it uses high-frequency vibrations instead of heat to turn liquids into vapour mist, therefore preserving the therapeutic properties of the essential oil. Made with an all-natural wood and glass, it also ensures that no plastic comes in contact with the essential oils.

Explore adding different essential oils to your diffuser, such as the Essential Oil Peppermint from Bath & Bloom for an instant energy boost, as well as enhanced memory and alertness. Other essential oils that are known to help reduce stress include lavender, bergamot, rose and lemongrass.

For more ways to keep calm, balanced and focused in the midst of even the most chaotic working environment, read “Finding a Life of Harmony and Balance: A Taoist Master’s Path to Wisdom” from Times Bookstore. Learn about Taoist master Wang Li Ping’s fascinating apprenticeship in Taoist wizardry, mystical wisdom and ritualised practice accumulated and refined over 11 centuries. Follow his story as a young boy on a philosophical quest within the remote reaches of China, and be guided on your own path of self-cultivation, enlightenment, wisdom and a life of greater harmony and truth.


Working from home can be a truly joyful experience with the right upgrades. Now that we’ve shared a few ideas for creating a more organised, comfortable and zen work-from-home space, we hope you’re inspired to be even more productive than before. And who knows? You might never want to go back to the office!