5 Christmas Weekend Activities for You & Your Kids! (Part 1)
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23 NOV 19

23 November to 29 December 2019

When we think of Christmas, shopping, presents and parties usually come to mind. But let’s not forget that it's also about celebrating the festive season and doing what you love! So, what better way to spend the last few weeks of 2019 than picking up a new skill, getting fit and catching up with loved ones all at the same time? 
Here are our top five activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy this weekend!

1. Build-A-Train Workshop 

Date: 30 November to 1 December 2019
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Venue: YewTee Point, Atrium, Level 1 (outside Play United)
All aboard the Polar Express! Model train sets are a common wishlist item for kids, so if you’re cracking your head on what to get for them, you could let them experience YewTee Point’s Build-A-Train Workshop. Imagine their faces beaming with pride as they walk away with a train they built with their own hands! 
Watch your little ones come alive with excitement as they learn all about the inner workings, pick up the basics of model building, which enhances their logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
To join, simply spend $30 in maximum of 3 combined transactions for a spot.
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2. Christmas Series Workshops

Date: 23 to 24 November and 14, 15, 21 & 22 December 2019
Time: 2pm to 3.30pm
Venue: The Centrepoint, Level 2, Gastro+ (Near LuxCollate)
Nothing beats deliciously festive pastries as gifts to loved ones, especially if they’re crafted by hand. Join The Centrepoint’s Christmas Workshops and learn how to design edible delights such as Strawberry Coated Christmas Trees, Christmas Cookies, Ornament Cakes, as well as cupcakes and macaroons for the jolly season. 
So, get those creative juices flowing and bring home sweet treats to enjoy and give away! Spend a minimum of $30 in a single same-day transaction to register for the workshops. Register for these workshops via the FRx App.
Schedule of Workshops:
  • 23 November 2019: Strawberry Coated Christmas Tree Workshop
  • 24 November 2019: Christmas Cookies Decoration
  • 14 December 2019: Krispie Decoration
  • 15 December 2019: Christmas Ornament Cake Decoration
  • 21 & 22 December 2019: Christmas Cupcakes & Macarons Decoration 
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3. Craft Workshops for Kids!

Date: 19 November to 20 December 2019
Time: 12pm to 8pm 
Venue: Multiple Malls
Did you know that arts and crafts help kids enhance dexterity, fine motor skills and even become more innovative? It also encourages them to express themselves while having fun!
Good news, we’ve got a series of Christmas Craft Workshops where your kids get to design and bring home their own Tote Bags or Christmas Ornaments. They are available across the island on most weekends, so check out what’s most convenient for your family.
Click here for the full schedule of Christmas Craft Workshops.

4. Christmas Treats Workshops for Kids

Date: 30 November to 22 December 2019 (Weekends)
Time:  2pm, 3pm & 4pm
Venue: Northpoint City, The Market Square, South Wing, Basement 1
Always dreamt of having your own Masterchef Junior? Fire up the pastry chef in your child and sign them up for Northpoint City’s Kids Baking Workshop. Beyond being patient and detail-oriented, baking requires good comprehension, math and science skills! 
Get ready for lots of hands-on kitchen excitement, including learning how to bake festive cookies, cakes and more from scratch! To join, spend $50 in a maximum of 3 combined same-day, same-mall transactions, and sign up via the FRx App or at the registration booth located at The Market Square, Basement 1 (South Wing).
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5. Christmas-themed Workouts

Date: 23 November to 29 December 2019
Time: From 5.30pm
Venue: Changi City Point, Open Plaza, Level 1

Christmas is all about indulging in your guilty pleasures. Such as grooving and singing along to your favourite Christmas hits! You now have 6 weekends to experience all your favourite fitness workouts at Changi City Point. From Pound Fitness and Zumba to Christmas Jump Party and Christmas KPopX Fusion, bring along your besties for the ultimate sweat session.
Schedule of Classes:
  • 23 November 2019: Pound Fitness
  • 24 November 2019: Zumba
  • 14 & 15 December 2019: Christmas Jump Party
  • 21 December 2019: Body Jam 
  • 22 December 2019: Sh’Bam
  • 28 December 2019: Christmas KPopX Fusion
  • 29 December 2019: Resistance Band
Click here for more details.
So, if you’re spending Christmas in town this year, get into the “holiday mode” with these active, fun and creative-fuelling activities available across the island.
There’s lots more to come, so stay tuned for Part 2 of our guide to Christmas weekend activities. Because families that play together, stay together.