Get Your Freshly Squeezed Bonus - 20% MORE with GrabPay!
Get Your Freshly Squeezed Bonus - 20% MORE with GrabPay!
Enjoy a $60 FRx Gift Card at just $50
From 10 Oct 2022 (10 am)
Update: Our discounted FRx Gift Cards are fully sold out.
We’re bringing you zero guilt, and freshly squeezed FRx goodness once more.
Purchase a $60 FRx Gift Card* for only $50 with GrabPay! Simply checkout with promo code GRAB20 via the FRx app.
Yes, that’s an EXTRA 20% more value!
Even better, FRx members can purchase up to two FRx Gift Cards*. So reward yourself and your loved ones, and enjoy a myriad of the latest eat, play and shop experiences across the Malls of Frasers Property!
*While stock lasts. Members need to manually top up their GrabPay Wallet for purchase of FRx Gift Cards as GrabPay’s auto debiting feature cannot be ultilised for this promotion.
Get closer to your rewards with these 5 steps:


  • Consumer advisory — Frasers Property Retail Management Pte Ltd, the holder of FRx Gift Card stored value facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Consumers (users) are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Purchasers are required to download the complimentary Frasers Experience (FRx) app and sign up as a FRx member to qualify for this promotion.
  • From 10 October 2022, each member may purchase up to two (2) FRx Gift Cards at the discounted rate via the FRx app, either for self and/or eGiftingthroughout the campaign, while stocks last.
  • During this promotion, each member can enjoy a 20% bonus value when they select the $60 FRx Gift Card option and enter promo code GRAB20 at checkout, with final payment of $50 via GrabPay.
  • For eGifting, purchasers need to ensure the recipients' email addresses are correctly entered. FPRM will not be able to amend wrong email address due to security reasons.
  • The stored value in this FRx Gift Card may be used in full or partial payment for goods and services at participating Frasers Property retailers only, andmay not be returned or redeemed for cash. No reimbursements or replacements will be made for lost or stolen cards.
  • The stored value in this FRx Gift Card expires 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Any use of this FRx Gift Card shall be governed by, and constitutes acceptance of, the full terms and conditions set out in
  • FRx gift cards are accepted at participating retailers (“Gift Card Participating Merchants“) at the malls managed by FPRM (“Frasers Property Malls“), the full list of which may be obtained from
  • FRx Gift Cards once sold will not be refunded.
  • An in-app confirmation will be sent when FRx Gift Card(s) are successfully added to member’s FRx e-wallet.
  • Valid only with transactions using GrabPay wallet via FRx app. FRx members are required to top up their GrabPay Wallet with a sufficient balance before making their purchase.
  • Payment confirmation will be reflected in the Grab app. FPRM will not be held responsible for any unsuccessful transactions due to insufficient GrabPay Wallet balance or any other reasons. For any payment-related inquiries, please contact Grab Help Centre.
  • All other terms and conditions pertaining to the FRx Programme remain unchanged. For more information, please visit here.
  • For any further assistance, please email