Shoe Clinic


Shoe Clinic is committed to operate a chain of Shoe re-crafting outlet in town and in the major
heartlands areas. These outlet will offer a variety of sole re-crafting and customisation
services. The concept will be enhanced with key duplication services and quality Shoe Care
products, and provide our customer with a wider array of shoe repair options.
We offer our customer not just regular shoe repair, but a range of exciting high quality
Vibram soles from Italy.
Similar concept featuring shoe customisation re-crafting are already found and popularised in
Europe, it is a culture that transforms the industry and brings new life to shoes that is no
longer in production.
It is our passion and commitment to provide quality craftsmanship to each and every
customer regardless of the brand or the amount too be paid for our services and to
provide a fun and exciting recrafting experience for our customer.


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Shoe Clinic

Mon - Sun: 10am - 9.30pm


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